Aarkesh Venkataramanan 

Aarkesh is a BTech and MTech Dual Degree holder in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He loves to travel, engage with new people and read up on subjects such as history, physics and maths. He is enthusiast about the depth of Indic knowledge systems and has a special interest in Indian Architecture and Philosophy


The Power of the Hanuman Chalisa

Perspective | Posted On: 22 Jul 2020

The divine power within the Hanuman Chalisa instils bhakti in us and the desire to be righteous in our daily pursuits.

Ajanta and Ellora – Temples as Theme Parks of Learning

Essay | Posted On: 28 Jan 2019

Architectural wonders' significance should not be lost when compared with structures whose benefit is seemingly much more palpable.

Thillai Nataraja – The Regenerative Force of Life

Travelogue | Posted On: 06 Oct 2018

The boundless Shakti present in Chidambaram helps our consciousness to come out of its slumber and start the regeneration process.

Hayagriva – The Horse faced God who carries our Civilization

Perspective | Posted On: 26 Aug 2018

Lord Hayagriva represents the restorer archetype who restores wisdom from the clutches of ignorance.

Tyaga – The Vitalizing Force of the Indic Civilization

Essay | Posted On: 23 May 2018

The concept of renunciation is age-old and has been used by past masters to relinquish their attachment to fleeting desires for a higher purpose.

Hridayaleeswarar and the Power of the Mind

Essay | Posted On: 16 Jan 2018

The technique of Manana to first internalise a task in one's mind before ever implementing it is an essential part of Hindu philosophy.

Ajanta and Ellora – How a higher purpose is imperative to achieve greatness

Travelogue | Posted On: 31 Oct 2017

The magnificent architecture of the caves could only be envisioned by people with a higher purpose than by merely those who wanted to create an art form.

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