B.N. Narahari Achar 

Dr. B. N. Narahari Achar, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Memphis in the Physics Department. He earned his B,. Sc (Hons) degree from Mysore University and M. S. and Ph. D. degrees from the Pennsylvania State University. He taught at the Pennsylvania State University and Bucknell University before joining the University of Memphis. His primary research area is in the theory of Solids and recently in the application of Fractional Calculus to Physics. His other interest is in the ancient astronomy of India and applications of Planetarium software in its study. He has contributed to the determination of the Date of the Mahabharata war. He is currently working on tracing the history from Rigveda to Nandas through Mahabharata, Parikshit and Janamejaya. He has developed a new model for the structure of RigVeda.


Mahabharata War Date: Rebuttal to claim of 5561 BCE

Commentary | Posted On: 19 Feb 2018

A final rejoinder to make the case for the date of the Mahabharata war.

Thoughts on the date of the Mahabharata War

Commentary | Posted On: 24 Jan 2018

Astronomical references from the text suggest that the Mahabharata war took place not earlier than 3200 BCE nor later than 1800 BCE.

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