Debtanu Chakraborty 

Debtanu grew up in a Bengali Brahman household listening to stories of the French Revolution and Europe from his maternal grandfather. One of the very first novels he read was Gorky's 'Mother' which romanticized the Russian Revolution. An avid Marxist in school, he became a free market radical in college because of disenchantment. He became interested in Indian thought having read the Classics after passing out. He not only believes that Indian Civilization should be preserved but that it can hold a mirror to the current Western Civilization where it has never been hit; its philosophy of materialism. His interest lies in Biology, Evolution, Economics, and Politics. You can follow him at @parshu_rama.


How to desecrate a mother

Essay | Posted On: 30 Jul 2019

The Ganga has a long history of being abused by the Indian state to make way for 'development'.

Recollecting a near forgotten Exodus

Book Review | Posted On: 11 Jul 2019

The exodus of Indians from Burma was a grave human tragedy whose story deserves to be told.

Dissecting Hinduphobia

Book Review | Posted On: 29 May 2019

The West's categories have been force-fitted on India making our civilisation seem crude and archaic.

Buddha, Caste and Environment

Essay | Posted On: 18 May 2019

The Buddha realised that the future of any civilisation depended on its relationship with Nature.

The untold foundations of Modern Economics: Did Adam Smith plagiarise Kautilya?

Book Review | Posted On: 08 May 2019

The founding father of modern economics had essentially copied Kautilya's work without giving any credit.

Before and After Prajñā: Journey of an ex-comrade

Book Review | Posted On: 29 Mar 2019

The work carried out and the policies implemented during the last five years have once again raised India's standing in the world.

Brahmanism 103: The Discovery of Bharat-Mata as Adi Shakti-pith

Perspective | Posted On: 20 Dec 2018

Surya discovered Bharat-Mata and the Ṛta is the pattern in which She brings Maya as Adi-Purush and Adi-Shakti still continue to discover each other.

Brahmanism 102: The Prophet of Sanatana Dharma and his “idea of India”

Perspective | Posted On: 28 Nov 2018

Surya is the prophet of Sanatana Dharma, as He mirrors many of the properties of Brahman.

Brahmanism 101: The trail of Saraswati and the beginning of Kathenotheism

Perspective | Posted On: 16 Nov 2018

Brahmanism has been labelled as an insult all thanks to decades of propaganda which still cannot hide the divinity that underlies the word's origins.

Beyond Monotheism

Perspective | Posted On: 05 Jun 2018

India’s debate with Abrahamic religions must spill into the battlefield of our choosing.

On Equality

Essay | Posted On: 15 May 2018

The idea of inherent equality in society is a gross misrepresentation of reality according to Indic traditions.

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