Deepak Badhwar 

Deepak Badhwar joined his father's concern in 1978 after completing his graduation in Srinagar. He started studying the Kashmiri carpet in detail and got into commissioning fine carpets in Srinagar for his company. His keen interest in Indian Art, culminated in him delving deep into Kashmiri Arts. The interest reached its zenith in 2006 when he got a pure pashmina carpet made by a master craftsman. This was a revival of sorts after the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh when pashmina carpets were made for the influential people of that time. In 2015 the first Pashmina shawl was created in kaani with pure zari from Varanasi. Deepak has also delved into the revival of Kangra and Basohli Miniature paintings where he is getting work done in the traditional methods of Hindu deities.


Kashi in Kashmir

Essay | Posted On: 18 Jun 2020

The confluence of weaving techniques from two of the mightiest dharmic centers symbolises the uniqueness of this land.

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