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Dileep Karanth teaches physics, and enjoys working with natural languages. He welcomes suggestions and help to improve his bare-bones blogs at:

i) leepkar.blogspot.com

ii) dileepkaranth.wordpress.com/blog/

iii) https://hcommons.org/members/leepkar/


Jinnah: The Name

Essay | Posted On: 19 Mar 2019

The name Jinnah has a long and interesting history.

In Search of the Source of the Bhāgīrathī

Translation | Posted On: 17 Jul 2018

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose's journey to discover the locks of Mahādeva.

Trial by Fire

Translation | Posted On: 14 Feb 2018

A translation of the original story by Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, first published in 1895 - an inspiring account of the Anglo-Nepalese war, which gave the Britishers a taste of the legendary grit and bravery of the Gorkhas.

Danger! Educated Gypsy

Book Review | Posted On: 14 Nov 2017

Ian Hancock's book on the Romani people, who trace their origins to India, is an instructive account of Romani history, identity and the challenges they face in the quasi-hostile environs of the modern West.

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