Manjushree Hegde 

Manjushree is a Mechanical Engineer who decided to make a crossover to a serious study of Sanskrit and Indian culture. She has a post graduate degree in Sanskrit and is now working as a research scholar. 


Story-Telling Traditions: Āyurveda

Essay | Posted On: 17 Apr 2019

Various stories within Āyurveda help outline the inherent reasons for a person's ailment.

Dharmaśāstra-s: Theory and Practice — Local Self-Government, and Elections in Ancient India

Commentary | Posted On: 04 Dec 2018

India's was unique in its idea of self-governance in village communities where people from all spheres of life had a say while candidates needed to be supremely learned and in tune with the Dharmaśāstra-s to contest for positions.

Caste — According to Ananda Coomaraswamy

Commentary | Posted On: 07 Feb 2018

Deriving spiritual contentment out of work that suited one's disposition was considered more worthy than being disillusioned by a job which was contrary to one's nature.

Art: According to Ananda Coomaraswamy

Essay | Posted On: 20 Nov 2017

The process of creating artforms requires a meditative approach where free from identifying with our mortal nature, humans try and come closer to the divine.

The Unbearable Lightness of Becoming

Essay | Posted On: 11 Oct 2017

Modernity has left people severed from symbolic reality, where they are a law unto themselves and bereft of any faith.

Vishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra

Commentary | Posted On: 29 May 2017

The fables of the Panchatantra have had an immense influence over world culture, with over 200 translations showcasing India's unique outlook towards life.

Espionage in Kautilya’s Arthaśāstra

Essay | Posted On: 10 Apr 2017

The Arthaśāstra's exposition of state craft and intelligence gathering showed Kautilya's remarkable acumen and his treatise as the high-water mark of Indian polity.

Why I'm learning Sanskrit?

Essay | Posted On: 03 Mar 2017

Sanskrit with its abundant literature draws you continuously and ignites such passion in your heart that it is tough to let go.

Akka Mahadevi’s Complete Surrender

Essay | Posted On: 08 Feb 2017

The poems of Karnataka’s Virasaiva saints embody the deepest devotion to Siva and point us to the highest reaches of spiritual attainment.

A legacy in bronze

Essay | Posted On: 05 Jan 2017

The reign of the Chola empire was synonymous with artistic magnificence which still hypnotizes those who encounter it.

Pleasures of Sanskrit

Essay | Posted On: 12 Dec 2016

Sanskrit poets took great joy in playing around with its alphabets, verses, rhymes: incorporated them in visual patterns,all for the purpose of celebrating the Sanskrit language.


Commentary | Posted On: 16 Nov 2016

Lord Krishna represents the ideal being whose virtuous qualities have long been ingrained in India's consciousness.

Hampi - Poetry in stone

Travelogue | Posted On: 01 Nov 2016

The ruins of Hampi are a testament to the grandeur of the glorious Vijayanagara Empire and its unsurpassed architectural brilliance.

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