Michel Danino 

Born in 1956 at Honfleur (France) into a Jewish family recently emigrated from Morocco, from the age of fifteen Michel Danino was drawn to India, some of her great yogis, and soon to Sri Aurobindo and Mother and their view of evolution which gives a new meaning to our existence on this earth. In 1977, dissatisfied after four years of higher scientific studies, he left France for India, where he has since been living. A writer of numerous books including the bestseller, The Lost River: On The Trail of the Sarasvati, he is currently a member of ICHR and a visiting professor at IIT Gandhinagar. The Government of India awarded him the Padmashri (India's fourth highest civilian award) for his contribution towards Literature & Education.


A Timeline of Ayodhya - Part 3

Essay | Posted On: 26 Nov 2019

Ayodhya's significance has never waned in the minds of Hindus as they have continued their struggles to reclaim it for centuries on end.

A Timeline of Ayodhya - Part 2

Essay | Posted On: 19 Nov 2019

Multiple attacks through the centuries with epigraphic evidence shows the importance of Ayodhya.

A Timeline of Ayodhya - Part 1

Essay | Posted On: 12 Nov 2019

A chronological order through what several disciplines — archaeology, epigraphy and history in particular — have contributed to our knowledge of the ancient city of Ayodhya.

Decoding the idea of India

Essay | Posted On: 13 Aug 2019

The essence of what defines India is due to how it was shaped in ancient times and not because of anything post-independence, as many would have you believe.

India's take on the Individual vs. Collective

Essay | Posted On: 02 Jul 2019

The Indic perspective throws light on how the tussle between the individual and collective is in fact inconsequential.

Why and How to Teach Indian History

Essay | Posted On: 22 Feb 2019

The pedagogy involved as well as the content is in need of a drastic change if we truly want our descendants to have a grasp of their civilization and appreciate its uniqueness.

Nature's Basket

Essay | Posted On: 29 Jan 2019

Ancient India relied on an elaborate knowledge system to conserve and manage ecology.

The great secular confusion

Essay | Posted On: 14 Dec 2018

The definition of secularism and its application in the Indian context leaves a lot to be desired.

Sacralising the Cosmos, Nature and Life

Essay | Posted On: 30 Oct 2018

Many cultures around the world hold nature and life sacred but India went further and integrated the concept into her art and rituals.

Consciousness, the key to Indic thought

Essay | Posted On: 24 Sep 2018

Animate and inanimate objects are both propelled by the same prime driver which is Consciousness.

Mainstream and marginal in ancient India

Essay | Posted On: 15 Jun 2018

The often cited differences between mainstream Hindus and tribals is a product of the modern age.

Bogeyman of majority in India

Essay | Posted On: 25 May 2018

A false notion of majoritarianism has always been propagated in order to justify partisan policies.

The Public Ignoramus

Commentary | Posted On: 21 Feb 2018

Decades of self-loathing has denied the younger generation access to its magnificent Indian heritage.

A textbook case of Indian history howlers

Commentary | Posted On: 31 Jan 2018

Filling young impressionable minds with false concepts has been the bane of modern Indian education.

Ask the Past

Essay | Posted On: 27 Dec 2017

Ancient India's knowledge traditions were continuous & cumulative and it's a pity that young Indians know little of this vast intellectual heritage.

India’s own sacred ecology

Essay | Posted On: 30 Nov 2017

Bharatvarsha's spiritual link with nature has formed the basis of its belief, which sadly even in such an exploitative world has come under the scanner.

Death of Debate

Essay | Posted On: 09 Nov 2017

The Indian tradition of debate which upheld the spirit of free inquiry seems to have been lost in today's public discourse.

Gainsaying Ancient Indian Science - Part 2

Essay | Posted On: 25 Sep 2017

Neo-colonialists find it hard to digest India's ingenuity in mathematics and hence, resort to gross manipulations to further their agenda.

Gainsaying Ancient Indian Science - Part 1

Essay | Posted On: 12 Sep 2017

As the source of many great scientific achievements, Indians are still denied their place in history; especially by homegrown critics.

Looking for Indianness

Essay | Posted On: 01 Aug 2017

The essence of what constitutes Indianness is disappearing in the mutating mass of present day society, not helped by the Indians' own cultural bankruptcy, which might pave the way towards a regrettable future.

Integrating India's Heritage in Indian Education - Part 2

Essay | Posted On: 27 Jun 2017

Restoring a sense of pride among Indian students is paramount, which can only happen if the curriculum undergoes a massive overhaul so that the original Indian genius can flourish again.

Integrating India's Heritage in Indian Education - Part 1

Essay | Posted On: 20 Jun 2017

By turning their back on their rich cultural heritage, Indians have denied their own an education which not only gratifies the intellect but also the soul.

India’s Impact on French Thought & Literature

Essay | Posted On: 23 May 2017

A brief survey of the impact that the discovery of Indian literature, philosophy and spirituality had on French thought and literary movements from the 18th to the 20th century

Nature in Indian and Western Traditions

Essay | Posted On: 14 Apr 2017

Nature loving Indic traditions should not tread the path of western materialism which is enforced by a greedy god and his urge to consume the earth's resources.

Politics and the writing of textbook

Essay | Posted On: 21 Mar 2017

A look at how history textbooks in India were shaped to suit the political narrative of those in power.

Woman in Indian history: A few vignettes from epigraphy

Essay | Posted On: 16 Feb 2017

Through the centuries, misconceptions have arisen about the role of women in Indian society, often neglecting to mention the diverse roles that they played.

For the Love of Nature

Essay | Posted On: 03 Feb 2017

A strongly marked aspect of culture, and one that offers a rich field of investigation, is India’s ancient love story with nature.

Musings on Indian Unity

Essay | Posted On: 10 Jan 2017

We could empirically define Hinduism as the result of a centuries-old peaceful, organic and decentralized interplay between Vedic and local cultures at all levels of Indian society, including the tribal one.

Kali Yuga or The Age of Confusion - Part 2

Essay | Posted On: 08 Dec 2016

The Indian genius always endeavoured to spiritualize all aspects of life, including the social and political. If spirituality was of any practical value, why should it be kept out of governance?

Kali Yuga or The Age of Confusion - Part 1

Essay | Posted On: 23 Nov 2016

We have allowed others, unfamiliar with or contemptuous of the truths discovered by millennia of yoga and sadhana, to think for us, speak for us, and ultimately to dictate to us.

The Gita and Integral Yoga

Commentary | Posted On: 05 Nov 2016

The timeless philosophy of the Gita and the oneness with the divine through Yoga, will lead us into the next phase of human evolution.

Is Indian Culture Obsolete?

Essay | Posted On: 13 Oct 2016

Can Indian culture still feed its country's malnourished soul which has been decaying amidst the onslaught of western society's social norms and ethical values?

Effects of Colonization on Indian Thought - Part 2

Essay | Posted On: 14 Sep 2016

This Indian genius has now begun to percolate back to the West, where it inspires new approaches, deeper thoughts, though not yet the transforming Shakti. Perhaps the tide of colonialism will be reversed, after all.

Effects of Colonization on Indian Thought - Part 1

Essay | Posted On: 07 Sep 2016

The country’s so-called elite, whose mind had been shaped and hypnotized by their colonial masters, always assumed that anything Western was so superior that in order to reach all-round fulfilment, India merely had to follow European tho...

The Gita in Today's World

Commentary | Posted On: 04 Aug 2016

It can find relevance in the modern age where ego and mass greed has replaced the dharmic way of life whilst also preventing the escapist mentality from permeating through.

Education in India: Roots, Principles and Practice

This course throws light on the traditional system of education in India, drawing from sources of the Vedic, Buddhist and pre-colonial periods. It shows how India was a society deeply invested in creation, preservation and spread of know...

Highlights of Technology in Ancient India

This course takes a look at some of the technological developments in ancient India and how it impacted the world around it. A lot of scientific know-how from that period has either been expunged from history or due credit hasn't bee...

Indian Ethics and Values

This course covers a broad range of topics and instances from the Upanishads to texts such as the Arthshastra that offer guidelines on the role of ethics in the life of an Indian. The viewpoints and day to day actions of many individuals...

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