Nilesh Baran 

Nilesh Baran is a student whose family hails from the Fiji Islands though they trace their ancestry as Sarayupareen Brahmans from Eastern Uttar Pradesh. He is currently pursuing an Honors Degree in the Biological Science Department of MacEwan University, doing research in plant urban ecology. He plans on further studying in the field of Botany and hopefully someday write a book on "The Plants of Hinduism" detailing their scientific and spiritual significance. Nilesh also teaches Hindi to little children at school and is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English, Hindi, and Awadhi. He is Canadian by birth and resides in Edmonton, AB, Canada.


The genetics and history of the Indian Tulsi

Essay | Posted On: 05 Sep 2018

Recent genetic haplogroup studies regarding the phylogeny of the Indian holy basil alongside traditional Hindu scriptural accounts on the most revered plant in Hinduism may shed light on the sophisticated nature of ancient Indic civilisatio...

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