Ojaswita Krishnaa Chaturvedi 

Dr. Ojaswita Chaturvedi is a multifaceted individual, oriented towards both technology and culture. She holds a doctorate degree in Engineering from the University of Botswana and has likewise experience in professorship. Together with her education, she took up dance as a passion and education under the tutelage of Shrimati Kalamandalam Ajitha Manjesh Lal for over a decade. She has been performing widely in the South African and Indian Diasporas. She has also trained for Hari Katha under Dr. Suresh Shastri and Hindustani classical singing under Pt. Rajendra Prasad Sharma. Together with her passion of art and profession of academics, she also holds a notable position in a digital marketing company which is run by herself and her husband.


Great Women of household in the Vaishnava tradition

Essay | Posted On: 19 Nov 2018

A summary of exemplary females from history in the Vaishnava tradition.

The glories of Shri Harinama

Commentary | Posted On: 30 Jan 2018

Shri Harinama's potential to liberate, as experienced by many, is a testament to its power.

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