Pingali Gopal 

Dr, Pingali Gopal is a Neonatal and Paediatric Surgeon practicing in Warangal for the last twenty years. He graduated and later post-graduated in surgery from Ahmedabad, further specialising in Paediatric Surgery from Mumbai. After which he spent a couple of years at Birmingham Children's Hospital, UK and returned to India after obtaining FRCS, starting his practice in Warangal where he hopes to stay for the rest of his life. He loves books and his subjects of passion are Indian culture, Physics, Vedanta, Evolution, and Paediatric Surgery- in descending order. After years of ignorance in a flawed education system, he has rediscovered his roots, paths, and goals being extremely proud of Sanatana Dharma, which he believes belongs to all Indians irrespective of religion, region, and language. Dr. Gopal is a huge admirer of all the present and past stalwarts of India and abroad correcting past discourses and putting India back on the pedestal which it so truly deserves.


Menstruation across cultures: A historical perspective

Book Review | Posted On: 05 Feb 2019

Sanatana Dharma looks at menstruation through a broad lens unlike other cultures across the world.

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