Pritam Choudhury 

Pritam Choudhury is from Agartala, Tripura. He studied electrical engineering at IIT Roorkee, after which, he graduated in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. Currently, he is pursuing doctoral studies in programming languages at the University of Pennsylvania. He is deeply interested in Dharmic studies and exploring the wisdom of ancient India.


The need for the rise of the dormant Kshatriya spirit

Perspective | Posted On: 25 Apr 2019

If our civilisation has to survive and thrive, we must awaken the Kshatriya within us. There is no other way.

A Reawakening of Bharat

Perspective | Posted On: 05 Oct 2018

Indians need to break free from the shackles forged by their own fears and ineptitude.

Our ideals, our gods

Commentary | Posted On: 03 Apr 2018

To win the civilizational narrative, we must revive our gods.

On Action and Renunciation

Perspective | Posted On: 10 Jan 2018

Renunciation shouldn't be an excuse to shun responsibility but should be Action without the expectation of a reward.

Towards mental freedom

Perspective | Posted On: 24 Aug 2017

A personal and heartfelt account of the need for decolonization of the Indian mind.

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