Raghu Bhaskaran 

Raghunandhan (Raghu) Bhaskaran is a Bharathi and like many today, he for long, ignored his heritage and was focused towards Artha, to the exclusion of the other Purusharthas and is yet another IT consultant. But now he is increasingly a seeker of what it means to be a Hindu, a follower of Dharma in every sphere of life - personal, social, cultural and political. Towards this, he uses writing as a sadhana, to attain clarity and shares his learning with others, learns from others. He considers himself as the 'Mongoose of Mahabharatha', from the Ashwamedha Parva. Serendipity has led him to some yagna-salas, the works/company of some wonderful people - from heritage, family, friends, teachers and even on social media. He rolls around in the crumbs of their wisdom and some stick to him. And he shines in parts, from those borrowed crumbs of knowledge.



Conditional love of Christianity and perilous peace of Islam

Perspective | Posted On: 24 Jul 2020

The two largest religions in the world have made it an art to hide behind feel-good slogans.

Aryan Origins — An Avoidable Trap

Perspective | Posted On: 10 Sep 2019

The genetic origins of Aryans is a distraction to keep the Indic side off balance and has little relevance outside of anthropological academic study.

Ayodhya  -  Strategic Short-sightedness

Perspective | Posted On: 27 Nov 2018

The Ram Mandir  project can only be deemed successful if it brings about a movement to reclaim, revive and restore all the temples that were destroyed by the invaders.

The farrago of false equivalence

Perspective | Posted On: 26 Nov 2018

Equating Hindu dharma with proselytizing religions has been the bane of Hindu society.

Maryada Purushottam

Perspective | Posted On: 13 Nov 2018

Bhagwan Rama's stance of supposedly abandoning Sita is often questioned due to a perspective which is blinkered and one which does not understand the nature of upholding Dharma.

Conundrum of the Hindu identity

Perspective | Posted On: 05 Nov 2018

The Indian state refuses to recognize Hindus as the varied trees of the same forest and instead considers them worth protecting only if they conform like the uniform vegetation in a small grove or a garden.

The Criminology of Religious Ideologies

Perspective | Posted On: 29 Oct 2018

The method used in criminology to ascertain the offender can very well be used to prove the culpability of certain religious ideologies.

The Good thief/Bad thief dissonance of Shashi Tharoor

Commentary | Posted On: 12 Oct 2018

The strange rationalisation by Shashi Tharoor of defending Islamic colonialism while criticising British colonialism is an exercise in fallacy.

Da'wah, Discipline vs Dharma

Perspective | Posted On: 09 Oct 2018

The essence behind their teachings makes Abrahamic religions resort to violence leaving no room for contextuality or sensitivity.

Am I still a Hindu?

Perspective | Posted On: 28 Sep 2018

What makes me a Hindu in daily life and in practice beyond ethnicity, legality, philosophy?

Casus Belli - A comparison

Conversation | Posted On: 20 Sep 2018

A common misconception is the inherent motive behind Dharmic and Abrahamic religions increasing their influence beyond their domain.

Ekachakrapura - The Secular Liberal Society

Commentary | Posted On: 14 Sep 2018

The Mahabharata, as well as the Hitopadesha, both depict how secular liberal societies fail to address the challenge of intransigent and invasive dogmas.

A Tale of Two Resurrections

Commentary | Posted On: 06 Sep 2018

Ilayaraja's view on the resurrection of Jesus Christ compared to his beloved Ramana Maharshi has sparked debate.

The Beautiful Tree and Putana's milk

Perspective | Posted On: 30 Aug 2018

A brief view of the history of education in India, the impact of Christian education and the attitudes that it inculcates.

Dharma of Diet

Perspective | Posted On: 23 Aug 2018

What is the dharma of diet and how should the diets of Rama or other legendary avataras, devatas be considered and applied today?

Heena & the Hijab

Perspective | Posted On: 08 Aug 2018

An exploration into what constitutes adoption of cultural markers and practices in the context of the protests against O.S Arun's program to sing carnatic compositions in praise of Jesus and the left's utter inability to grasp the nuances o...

The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

Perspective | Posted On: 07 Aug 2018

Islam clearly spells out its terms of engagement with the non-believers by following the template laid out by the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. We ignore it to our peril.

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