Rajarshi Nandy 

Rajarshi, a sadhaka and adherent of the Sanatan Dharma, is a technical writer by training, and a spiritualist by passion, currently working as a Contributing Editor for SirfNews.com


Re-examining Sabarimala

Essay | Posted On: 14 Nov 2019

As the Supreme Court refers the Sabarimala case to a larger bench, thereby giving a foot in the door to the devotees, it is time to grasp the essential ideas that make the case for the tradition so compelling and unignorable.

The hunchbacked goddess

Commentary | Posted On: 23 Mar 2018

Kubjikā̄ Mata, whose sadhana has nearly vanished from the popular Shakta practice owing to the secretive nature of the path, is a powerful form of the Devi whose grace greatly accelerates the progress of the serious sadhaka.

“Quit or die!” - Gandhi warns Hindus

Commentary | Posted On: 16 Aug 2017

'Direct Action Day' was a call for a show of strength by the Muslim League. The secularist narrative, instead of condemning the perpetrators of violence, blames Hindu intellectuals and spiritual leaders, who were either far away from the sc...

Is India a racist society?

Essay | Posted On: 16 Jun 2017

Racism is a concept alien to Indian ethos. Yet the colonial legacy of fascination for the white skin could be misconstrued as racist behaviour. But is it really so?

Karmayoga is not workaholism

Commentary | Posted On: 10 Mar 2017

Neither overwork nor the giving up of work but detachment is the hallmark of the Karmayogi according to the Gita.

Saraswati as Aurobindo saw her

Commentary | Posted On: 10 Feb 2017

The origin of Saraswati worship is in the Vedas, which have a very precise and detailed exposition of her role and place in the spiritual universe.

The nature of physical reality

Book Review | Posted On: 01 Sep 2016

In this book, Subhash Kak explores the intriguing questions at the cutting edge of consciousness studies. He not only presents the parallels between Vedanta and modern science but also spends a good deal of time exploring where the two prof...

False claims about Krshna

Perspective | Posted On: 26 Aug 2016

In accordance with the long standing colonial tradition of denigrating Hindu deities, Scroll's recent article on Krishna indulges in wild speculation, ignoring glaring evidence, about how Krishna was a 'tribal' deity, later appropriated by ...

The unpredictability of spiritual life

Perspective | Posted On: 17 Aug 2016

Jyotiṣa is a powerful and systematic method of predicting future events whose accuracy is highly dependent on the depth of the astrologer's intuition. However, it reaches its limits when it confronts adhyatmic (spiritual) dimensions of a ...

Agni - The fire within

Commentary | Posted On: 16 Jul 2016

Agni's powers of transformation have for long been invoked by sadhakas to make rapid progress in their spiritual journey.

The remover of obstacles

Essay | Posted On: 13 Jun 2016

Ganesh's rise to prominence in the Hindu pantheon is an example of the dynamism inherent in Sanatan Dharma, where deities evolve and adapt to societal changes.
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Tilak's sacrifice

Essay | Posted On: 29 Sep 2016

How one of the tallest figures of the Indian freedom movement, a champion of the oppressed and a great mobilizer of the masses, is denigrated by scholars for what seem to be petty ideological reasons.

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