Sita Ram Goel 

Sita Ram Goel was born in 1921 in a poor family (though belonging to the merchant Agrawal caste) in Haryana. As a schoolboy, he got acquainted with the traditional Vaishnavism practised by his family, with the Mahabharata and the lore of the Bhakti saints (esp. Garibdas), and with the major trends in contemporary Hinduism, esp. the Arya Samaj and Gandhism. He took an M.A. in History in Delhi University, winning prizes and scholarships along the way. His declared aim was to defend Hinduism by placing before the public correct information about the situation of Hindu culture and society, and about the nature, motives and strategies of its enemies. His writings were practically boycotted in the media, both by reviewers and by journalists and scholars collecting background information on the communal problem.


The Confused Hindu: Victim of Macaulayism

Essay | Posted On: 09 Jan 2020

An adherent of Macaulayism can well afford to take the neutral, even hostile stance, away from and above Hindu society, its problems and its struggles, because, in the last analysis, he no more regards Hindu society as his own or as his ind...

Words Which Defy Dictionaries

Excerpt | Posted On: 16 Oct 2019

The language of the Leftists to anoint themselves as superior to others is a tactic that showcases them as superior.

The Petition has served a great purpose

Excerpt | Posted On: 19 Jul 2019

The petition against the Quran served to wake Hindus up from their slumber.

The Sources Of Leftist Language

Excerpt | Posted On: 29 Apr 2019

Unlike what the Left would have you believe, the sources of its language were not from the time when India was fighting for freedom against British imperialism.

The Patron Saint of Indigenisation

Excerpt | Posted On: 19 Dec 2018

Roberto de Nobili with typical missionary zeal launched his "Madurai Mission" at a time when the Portuguese were on a conversion spree post their conquest of Goa.

Seeds that were to sprout

Excerpt | Posted On: 03 Dec 2018

Marx's philosophy of a supposed harmonised social system garnered many followers, though in time people still connected with the Hindu ethos realised its severe limitations.

The Place of Mahatma Gandhi

Excerpt | Posted On: 01 Oct 2018

Mahatma Gandhi's failure in recognising the threat posed by imperialist ideologies has left his legacy very much tainted.

Hindu society is trapped by its own slogan

Excerpt | Posted On: 18 Jul 2018

The incessant need to put all religions in the same bracket has done more harm than good for Hindu society.

Psychology of Monotheism

Essay | Posted On: 16 May 2018

The monotheistic God has chosen Man to exploit the very world he has supposedly created.

Catholic Ashrams: Adopting and Adapting Hindu Dharma

Essay | Posted On: 04 Apr 2018

Instead of outright denouncement of the native Hindu culture, missionaries have adopted the tactic of inculturation to help get converts.

Indigenisation: A Predatory Enterprise

Excerpt | Posted On: 12 Dec 2017

The urge to usurp native cultures and their philosophy in order to harvest souls has been the calling card of Christianity from the time of its inception.

Significance of Hindu Society

Excerpt | Posted On: 20 Nov 2017

Despite suffering from repeated invasions and a degenerative climate in their society, Hindus have still managed to sustain their culture, though the future is dependent upon their will to conserve it.

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