Sreejit Datta 

Sreejit Datta teaches English and Cultural Studies at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University in Mysore. Variously trained in comparative literature, Hindustani music and statistics; Sreejit happens to be an acclaimed vocalist who has been regularly performing across multiple Indian and non-Indian genres. He can be reached at:






Rukmini’s Letter to Sri Krishna: A Translation

Translation | Posted On: 04 Sep 2019

One of Pandit Narendra Sharma’s last poetical works showcasing the prowess of the Śuddha Hindi language.

Sung by God: VI (The Way of Contemplation)

Poetry | Posted On: 19 Aug 2019

The Yogi remains equanimous in all situations, knowing that everything is bound to the One.

To Lalitaditya

Poetry | Posted On: 09 Aug 2019

An ode to the King of Kings.

Is there a trap in devotion?

Essay | Posted On: 31 Jul 2019

An Indic Response to Jason Gregory’s piece on “The Trap of Devotion to God and Guru”.

The Return of the Epic

Poetry | Posted On: 23 Jul 2019

The Epic spoke but we could not hear.

Sung by God: V (The Way of Renouncing Action)

Poetry | Posted On: 10 Jul 2019

Renouncing fruits of actions, the yogi attains to supreme peace.

Sung by God: IV The Way of Knowing

Poetry | Posted On: 21 Jun 2019

Sacrifice is essential to be on the path of knowing.

Sung by God: III (The Way of Action)

Poetry | Posted On: 10 Jun 2019

As the Lord speaks to the disciple.

Sung by God: II (The Dawn of Knowledge)

Poetry | Posted On: 30 May 2019

Lord Krishna's words help usher in knowledge.

Sung by the God: I (The Beginning)

Poetry | Posted On: 21 May 2019

The Gita evokes feelings like no other poem.

The Ballad of Ayyappā’s People

Poetry | Posted On: 07 Jan 2019

Ayyappa's followers in the face of abominable state and police action have been rendered powerless.

The Relevance of Ram – and that of Ramjanmabhoomi

Essay | Posted On: 06 Dec 2018

The site at Ayodhya is doubly important as it signifies the existence of a perfect dharmic state along with the presence of Maryada-Purushottam - Sri Ram.

Diwali, or The Second Exile

Poetry | Posted On: 23 Nov 2018

Lord Rama is still barred from returning to his birthplace, thereby prolonging the agony of his worshippers.

The Perils of Blind Anti-Bengali Prejudice

Perspective | Posted On: 18 Sep 2018

Due to Marxist leanings becoming entrenched in its political life together with anti-Hindu acts by a few groups, the general image of Bengalis has taken a beating in the Hindu fold.

Abolition of (Major Parts of) Section 377: A few observations and a rider

Perspective | Posted On: 07 Sep 2018

Though historically India has always had a place for homosexuals notwithstanding the view of the rest of the world, how does the political climate dictate the manner in which their presence is acknowledged?

An Indic Reading of Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Part II

Essay | Posted On: 28 Aug 2018

Knowledge is not merely to be read or heard as words; on the contrary, it is to be lived, experienced and thus renewed.

An Indic Reading of Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Part I

Essay | Posted On: 13 Jun 2018

The influence of the Vedanta in this work of Friedrich Nietzsche is clearly visible.

Dharmic view on Interfaith Dialogue and Coexistence

Essay | Posted On: 10 Apr 2018

Indic paths have always welcomed dialogue but the expansionist designs of other faiths have consistently created roadblocks.

How not to wish Hindus during their festivals

Perspective | Posted On: 16 Mar 2018

The negative hysteria that surrounds Hindu festivals has certainly amplified in recent times.

To Andal

Poetry | Posted On: 18 Jan 2018

A poem inspired by, and dedicated to, the great bhakta of the Srivaishnava tradition.

A Defense of Swadeshi Historiography

Essay | Posted On: 22 Nov 2017

An unbiased analysis by Indians of their own civilizational history is vital to remove the shroud of distortion that has covered them for so long.

Hinduism in a Postmodern World - III

Essay | Posted On: 01 Nov 2017

The need to deconstruct Indian thought has led it to be defined in silos which goes against its essential nature.

Hinduism in a Postmodern World - II

Essay | Posted On: 29 Sep 2017

If Indic culture is to successfully resist the organized assault by Marxism and its ideological offshoots, the resentful politics of group identities and competitive victimhood must end.

Hinduism in a Postmodern World (Part 1)

Essay | Posted On: 26 Aug 2017

With the negation of reason, logic and objective truth as its central dogma, postmodernism makes it impossible to have a dialogue with other systems of thought and thus promotes conflict.

Nationalism in Indian thought

Essay | Posted On: 11 Aug 2017

It is a popular myth that Nationalism is a concept alien to India and that it was brought to her shores in the imperial age. A reading of traditional Indic literature (Śāstras and Kāvyas) tells a totally different story.

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