Subhash Kak 

Subhash Kak is a scientist and a Vedic scholar, whose research has spanned the fields of information theory, cryptography, neural networks, and quantum information. He is the inventor of a family of instantaneously trained neural networks (for which he received a patent) for which a variety of artificial intelligence applications have been found. He has argued that brain function is associated with three kinds of language: associative, reorganizational, and quantum. His discovery of a long-forgotten astronomy of ancient India that has been called “revolutionary” and “epoch-making” by scholars. In 2008-2009, he was appointed one of the principal editors for the ICOMOS project of UNESCO for identification of world heritage sites. He is the author of 12 books which include “The Nature of Physical Reality,” “The Architecture of Knowledge,” and “Mind and Self.” He is also the author of 6 books of verse. The distinguished Indian scholar Govind Chandra Pande compared his poetry to that of William Wordsworth.


The Big Scandal of Indology

Essay | Posted On: 20 Mar 2020

The way Indology has been shaped through the centuries has resulted in Indic knowledge being alienated from its own people.

An Indian Classics Curriculum

Essay | Posted On: 13 Feb 2020

Classical Indian texts need to be introduced into the curriculum so that students are made aware of the massive strides their ancestors took in all fields of intellectual rigour.

India’s Emblems of Renunciation

Commentary | Posted On: 09 Apr 2019

Emblems in India's history have always been a combination of temporal and sacred unlike what we see in modern independent India today.

The Evolution of Early Writing in India

Essay | Posted On: 23 Jan 2019

Writing evolved through different phases as the Indus-valley civilization matured and spread.

Art and Cosmology in India

Essay | Posted On: 02 May 2018

Art in Hindu culture brings out the magnificence of the cosmos as a manifestation of the divine.

On The Classification Of Indic Languages

Essay | Posted On: 08 Dec 2017

Several theories have been proposed to understand the evolution of languages but most fall short due to their Eurocentric bias as well as the false notion of comparing it with genetic evolution.

The Indian Epic Song Tradition

Essay | Posted On: 28 Apr 2017

The grand Indian epic songs performed by professional storytellers during community festivals and domestic ceremonies, help inspire the listener to achieve self-transcendence.

Vena, Veda, Venus

Essay | Posted On: 19 Nov 2016

Many scholars starting with Tilak have suggested that Vedic Vena is Venus but this identification has been disputed.

Indic Ideas in the Graeco-Roman World

Essay | Posted On: 28 Sep 2016

The infusion of various Indic ideas and practices played a pivotal role in the development of the Graeco-Roman civilization.

The wonder that was Kashmir

Essay | Posted On: 29 Jul 2016

Kashmir, before the advent of Islam, was a vibrant seat of learning and made staggering contributions to Indic culture in fields as diverse as arts, sciences, literature and philosophy.

Vedic Gods of Japan

Essay | Posted On: 28 Jun 2016

How the Vedic deities and concepts travelled all the way from India to Japan and got seamlessly assimilated in a totally different culture.

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