Suhas Majumdar 

Suhas Majumdar(1937-1995) was a professor of mathematics in erstwhile Calcutta. He was born in a village in East Bengal, now Bangladesh. He wrote quite a few books in Bengali on how 7th century Islam had re-incarnated itself on the soil of present-day India. He felt he was particularly fitted to write on the subject of jihad as his early days passed under the shadow of the Noakhali slaughter.


Jihãd and Religious Riot

Excerpt | Posted On: 27 Feb 2020

Inextricably linked to Jihad is the religious riot as it is central to its ideology.

Destruction of Idols and Idol-Temples in Jihãd: The Evidence of the Sunnah

Excerpt | Posted On: 06 Sep 2019

The call to raze temples and destroy idols is very well established in Islamic texts though strangely it isn't directly connected to Jihad.

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