Svechchachari (स्वेच्छाचारी) 

Swechhachaari (स्वेच्छाचारी) is the pen name of a tantrik sadhaka, who wishes to remain anonymous so that he is able to express his opinions and share his experiences more freely through his writings.


In defense of Aghora

Commentary | Posted On: 16 Mar 2017

Aghora is a path of spiritual realization that defies convention, questions authority and shuns society by embracing the Universe.

The one who stands apart

Commentary | Posted On: 28 Dec 2016

Bhairava, the terrifying form of Shiva, inspires fear as he strikes at the root of all fear, the ego.

In search of Bhagavati Tara (Part 2): Temples, Legends and Sadhakas

Commentary | Posted On: 11 Nov 2016

The secrecy of the tantrik rituals involved in the worship of Tara have prevented her from taking a prominent place in mainstream Hindu imagination. But even a non-tantrik approach to her worship brings phenomenal benefits to the sadhaka.

In search of Bhagavati Tara (Part 1)

Commentary | Posted On: 28 Oct 2016

Second in the list of the great Mahavidyas, the tantrik goddess, Tārā, is terrifying in appearance and yet is the one who saves, guides and protects. She ultimately helps her devotees to cross the ocean of duality.

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