Vinayak Sridhar 

Vinayak has degrees in engineering & managment, with interests in philosophy, music, history and politics. He currently resides in New Delhi and is the co-founder of Pragyata.

Twitter Handle - vsridha2


Hindu - The Archetypal Liberal

Perspective | Posted On: 05 May 2018

The natural liberal outlook of the Hindus has long been obscured by the left-right conflict of the western world.

Mythological Reality

Essay | Posted On: 15 Sep 2017

The mythological and historical perspectives define the impact that a particular culture has, often crafted as a means to exert dominance.

Atman, Yoga and the Spirit molecule

Essay | Posted On: 09 Jun 2016

A look into the world of consciousness from a yogic and research oriented viewpoint.

Purusartha & Hierarchy of Maslow

Essay | Posted On: 08 Feb 2016

Puruṣārtha is a Vedic concept developed for man to lead a purposeful life while Maslow's theory has its origins in Greek philosophy and goes all the way back to the Renaissance period.

Devadasi - The Fallen Idol

Commentary | Posted On: 02 Dec 2015

Once sought for their extraordinary talents in the creative arts, now reduced to a forgettable chapter in India's history, the Devadasis have endured it all.

Forefathers of Transcendentalism

Essay | Posted On: 25 Nov 2015

How a mentor and his disciple of newly independent America were inspired by Indian thought to give birth to the nation's first philosophical view.

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