Basics of Tabla

The Tabla is a drum that is most closely associated with Hindustani shastriya sangeet from North India. The tabla evolved to its current form from the ancient double-headed drum, the Pakhawaj and the essential elements of the knowledge of playing the instrument dates back to as far as 4000 years ago. In this course, Anand Ramanujam, one of the senior disciples of the legendary Ustad Allah Rakha, makes learning the Tabla very simple and interesting, with complete focus on fundamental concepts and techniques.

Instructor: Anand Ramanujam

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Unit 1: Say hello to your tabla

Parts of Tabla 10 min

This chapter familiarizes you with the various parts of the Tabla and their nomenclature. You will also come to an understanding of the materials used in building a tabla, the basic physics behind the construction and the effect it has on the sound that the tabla generates.
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Unit 2: Playing the Tabla

Basic lessons 20 min

This chapter will introduce you to left and right hand techniques that have to be mastered for getting the right sound from the instrument. The instructor will then introduce you to the basic rythmic patterns or taals, which are really the backbone of Indian music from the rythmic perspective.
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