Mandolin for Carnatic Music

Mandolin is a western instrument, which like the violin, has evolved as a powerful medium for playing Carnatic music. In this course, UP Raju, a gifted Mandolin artist, teaches the basic techniques associated with the art of rendering Carnatic tunes on the instrument. Starting with the tuning, sitting posture and other fundamentals, he focusses on the technique to play 'Gamakas'  in the most authentic way possible and ends with an enthralling demonstration of a concert pattern.

Instructor: Raju UP

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Unit 1: Basic stuff

Introduction to the instrument 11 min

Raju throws light on the anatomy of the instrument, how it is tuned, the correct posture for playing mandolin Carnatic style and other such things that you need to know before getting down to the business of playing.
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Unit 2: Playing the instrument

Finger technique 3 min

In this chapter, you will learn how to hold the plectrum, the placements of both the hands and the efficient way to pluck the strings followed by simple exercises to strengthen your motor control.
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Basic Lessons 25 min

In the way that the instructor teaches students one on one, this chapter will start with simple lessons and gradually move on to more demanding exercises that will give you a firm grasp of the instrument as a learner. It is recommended that you spend at least a month diligently practising the lessons before moving to the next section in this course.
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More techniques 11 min

This consists of introduction to slightly more advanced techniques like gamakas and janta vasai, which bring with them the real feel of playing Carnatic music on the instrument
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