Hindustani Vocals - Elementary

Starting from the origins of hindustani music to a brief explanation of the gharana system, Dr Deshpande starts with teaching the Indian vocalist's approach to tuning, posture and voice culture and then moves on to explore the building blocks of music, the svaras. Further, he introduces the student to basic exercises of the vocal chords, a bhajan (devotional song) in Raag Bhairavi and concludes with a demonstration of a typical concert pattern in Raag Bhairav (vilambit khayal in tilvada taal). This course is for anyone interested in learning the basics of Hindustani Classical Sangeet and for those wanting to enrich their singing style with elements of Hindustani music.

Instructor: Ram Deshpande

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6 weeks







Unit 1: Introduction

Namaste 15 min

In this chapter, you will get acquainted with the instructor's approach to and his background in Hindustani Classical Music so that you get a context of the techniques of the particular branch or gharana.
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Unit 2: Voice Training

Exercises 24 min

The most important chapter from the learning point of view. In this chapter, Dr Deshpande introduces you to various exercises that you must devote several weeks to till you're able to sing the notes without referring to his demonstration
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Bhajan in Raag Bhairavi 5 min

Dr Deshpande teaches a simple bhajan in Raag Bhairavi to demonstrate the application of the skills obtained in the last chapter.
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Unit 3: Concert Pattern

Raag Bhairav 14 min

In this chapter, you get a taste of how a musician renders a particular raaga in his / her own unique style. Each such performance is full of free creative expression bound within the rules of the particular raaga.
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