Learn Bharatanatyam - Intermediate

Delving further into Bharatanatyam, this intermediate course covers the Jathis & Varnam that form an integral part of your progress towards mastering the art.

Instructor: Srekala Bharath

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Unit 1: Difficult Adavus

Khutthadavu 9 min

Khutthadavu refers to jumping on the toes and then striking the heels. The initial jump though not very obvious. Both jumping and striking the heels are executed in the Araimandi position. It is also known as Guditta Metta. Because the movement of jumping on the heels is called as Kuttanam in the Chari bhedas (Types of walks). Thus the name Khutthadavu.  
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Prainkan Adavu 2 min

Prainkan Adavu consists of the diagonal steps with the stretch of one leg while the other points towards the ceiling. This Adavu also includes Padabhedha, in which the dancer stretches out one leg on the heel and the other remains in the Aramandalam position. With this posture the body above the hip enacts the Mudras and communicate the intent of the Shabdham with whirl of the body above the hip and hand gestures.  
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Sarakkal & Mandi Adavu 5 min

Sarikal means to slide. Here as one foot is lifted and placed the another foot slides towards it. Then the feet takes the Anchita position where the feet rests on the heel. This position is also called as Tadittam. Then both the feet tap together with a slight jump. Mandi adavu derives its name because the movement consists of jumping on toes & resting one knee on the floor while the body rests on heels. This Adavu entails all that is related to the knees. The root word Mandi stands for knees. The sequence will involve all sorts of knee positions with body postures and hand movements with Mudras. As the body will be supported on the knees and the toe finger of the other leg, this requires the body to be easy and flexible to perform such difficult postures with poise and complete balance.
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Unit 2: Varnam

Varnam 36 min

Varnam - Third item and the central piece of a Margum. Varnam is a complicated edifice which starts with an impressive rhythmic passage, leading on to mimetic sequences and concluding in a faster tempo.Technically it means explanation (in words and letters), which again symbolises love, joy, happiness, prosperity and satisfaction.
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