Advanced Pranayamas

Pranayama (प्राणायाम) is the foundational practice in the path of Yoga (योग). It is composed of two distinct words: Pran (प्राण), which means life force and ayama (आयाम), roughly translated to extend. Using techniques evolved by ancient Indian sages, pranayama is a journey of the self to master the various life processes that operate in the body and in this way, gain health, vitality, knowledge, wisdom and freedom. In this course, you will learn about the various types of pranayamas and the correct way of practising these. Be sure to follow instructions to the last letter as incorrect practice and understanding can be seriously counterproductive.

Instructor: Ananda Balayogi

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Unit 1: Before we start

Basic concepts 15 min

Not all pranayamas can be handled by beginners. Some require the body to be free of disease and others require a certain stability of the mind before it can be exposed to the high energy flow of the life currents that the higher pranayamas cause. In this chapter, you will get a brief theoretical understanding of the classification of pranayamas and why one must be patient while practising.
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Main pranayamas explained 9 min

This chapter describes the basic technique and counts associated with the ashtakumbakas or the main pranayamas that are the focus of this course. It is important to pay attention to every small detail as wrong practise can be very harmful for the mind and body.
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Unit 2: Practical demonstations

Things to remember 5 min

Dr Balayogi talks about common misconceptions about Pranayama among modern practitioners. It is important to go back to the original sutras and really understand the deeper aspects of this practice to be able to concsiously align with the energy currents that flow through the body more intensely after a few sessions.
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Start with the practising 35 min

You will now learn to perform the various pranayamas on your own by watching demonstrations of the same. It must be remembered that utmost care must be taken and all instructions must be strictly followed.
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Mandala Pranayamas 11 min

Mandalas are specific geometric shapes that have deep relationship with any of the five mahabutas. These Pranayamas are therefore linked to the different chakras of the subtle body.  
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Higher Pranayamas 10 min

As we go from the gross to the subtle, the pranayamas also change accordingly, becoming more powerful and deeply spiritual. In this chapter you will learn about the figher states of meditation using pranyamas.
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