Yoga for arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder of the joints in the body that manifests as inflammation of certain joints, causing pain that is sometimes excruciating. Most common forms of arthritis are osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or septic arthritis. Whatever the form of arthritis, Yoga offers a way to deal with the causes and symptoms. Regular practice of Yoga helps in setting right auto-immune disorders that cause arthritis, reduces inflammation in joints and also enhances our ability to tolerate pain, making it a comprehensive approach of self healing rather than a conventional arthritis treatment that makes one dependent on ant-inflammatory drugs. This Yoga for arthritis course is very useful for anyone suffering from arthritis in hands or knee or any other part of the body as long as one practices it regularly.

Instructor: Ananda Balayogi

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Unit 1: Easing into the practice

Simple kriyas 7 min

We start with simple kriyas that do not take a toll on your body. After practising these for a week or so, we will then proceed to the next set of demonstrations.
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More kriyas 4 min

This chapter has kriyas and asanas that push your body slightly more by stretching a few joints and letting the pranic healing touch flow through them.
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Unit 2: A week after starting

Mudras and Kriyas 10 min

After one week of practising the kriyas demonstrated in the previous unit, your body is now prepared to involve its different joints in the practice of yoga. This chapter will introduce you to many such powerful techniques to heal and smoothen the movement of different joints in your body.
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Unit 3: Advanced practice

Chatus Pada 8 min

Chatus pada asana forms the basis of these kriyas that concentrate on the spine, which is a particularly vulnerable part of the body for those affected by arthritis. These kriyas must be started after a couple of weeks of practice of the asanas, mudras and kriyas shown in the preceding units.
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More kriyas and asanas 14 min

After a week long dedicated practice of kriyas based on the Chatuspada Asana, you are ready to start practising more demanding asanas. Please follow the instructions carefully and if you feel any pain etc. stop the practice immediately and contact an expert Yoga teacher near you.
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Unit 4: Pranayamas and Kriyas

Pranayamas 15 min

Pranayamas are much more than breathing exercises. They are a journey towards knowing the life force within us and on getting acquainted with the same, we can use the power of our own body to heal itself. The pranayamas given in this course provide powerful healing energy for arthritis and its allied ailments. The pranayamas must be followed to the letter and you must watch out for any negative side effects arising out of wrong practice.
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More elaborate kriyas 15 min

These kriyas are all encompassing, in the sense that they have a positive impact on various parts of the body. In fact, not just the body but the mind as well. 
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