Yoga for Diabetes

Diabetes of any type is an extremely difficult disease to manage and needs a holistic approach to treatment. Yoga doesn't just help maintain the right sugar levels but also strengthens other organs that may be at risk due to high sugar. Yoga reduces stress and balances the metabolic, autonomic and endocrine functions. The regular practice of Yoga helps reduce insulin resistance and improves the glucose utilization and response to a glucose load. Yoga can thus help in the prevention and control of Diabetes and may prevent many of its deadly complications.This course deals with the various practices in Gitananda Yoga tradition that can help in correcting health problems faced by diabetic patients.

Instructor: Ananda Balayogi

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Unit 1: Introduction

Dr. Anand Balayogi's Introduction 5 min

Dr. Balayogi talks about diabetes ill effects and how various yogic postures can help alleviate its painful & aggravating symptoms. Depending upon your preference, age and physical conditioning - one can develop one's own schedule.
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Simple Exercises 13 min

In this chapter, there a number of postures that are demonstrated for the beginner to start with. These exercises helps one to get familiar with breathing patterns as well as flexibility and are bound to have an effect for a general sense of well being.
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Unit 2: Advanced Stage

Skilled Exercises 34 min

These are the more advanced group of yogic postures that are generally performed after having perfected the initial poses. Superior conditioning will ensure that one one reaps the utmost benefits from carrying out these exercises. They give the most combined positive effect as they involve a greater part of your body and hence help in rejuvenation.
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Unit 3: One more step

Intermediate Exercises 18 min

This chapter deals with additional postures which can be done with some prior experience in Yoga. They test your flexibility and as well as cardiovascular health and hence need some practice to be performed correctly. Ensure that you do sufficient warm up exercises and have good & steady form.
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