Yoga for Hypertension

Yogic pratices help balance the autonomic nervous system, reduce stress, improve cardiac function and correct the blood lipid profile, thus creating a healthy cardiovascular system. Yoga can help in the prevention and control of hypertension while also help avoid many of its deadly complications.

Instructor: Ananda Balayogi

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Unit 1: Introduction

Beginner Stage 22 min

In this chapter, we learn certain asanas and kriyas which are fundamentally important for the novice. It prepares the body for the free flow of prana through the various nadis and to progress further to achieve our goal.
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Unit 2: Intermediate Stage

One more step 25 min

As we move further along to become more proficient in our yogic practices, we learn certain pranayamas that help help calm the mind and in turn have a positive impact on the bodily functions. Asanas in this chapter help relieve discomfort and bring about a change in the overall demeanour.
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Unit 3: Advanced Stage

Postures for Adept Learners 17 min

Once the previous pranayama, asanas and kriyas have been mastered, one can move on to practices that involve a great deal of proficiency. These should be attempted at a slow and methodical pace and will not only be helpful for hypertension but also for overall health.
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