Yoga for pelvic health

The pelvic region of the human body is the home of the Muladhara Chakra and is the storehouse of our Kundalini Shakti. It is our center of gravity that provides a stable foundation for our physical as well as the subtle body. Being the nodal point that it is, the pelvic region is prone to imbalances of energy that lead to menstrual, reproductive, urinary, bowel and other disorders. Any problem with the pelvic region leads to serious repercussions for our overall wellbeing. This course will shed light on practices that help to energize and relax this area, to heal and normalize the imbalances that occur more often than we imagine, leading to a quantum leap in our sense of wellbeing.

Instructor: Ananda Balayogi

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Unit 1: On your feet

Surya Namaskar 6 min

We start with the Vinyasa of Suryanamaskar, consisting of a group of Asanas performed typically at sunrise, in remembrance of and with reverence towards the Sun.
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Standing Asanas 7 min

In this chapter, you will be introduced to various asanas that are performed while you are on your feet.
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Unit 2: Seated

Asanas 16 min

In this chapter, you will learn various asanas that are performed while seated. These are very powerful asanas that help in balancing the energy flow around the pelvic area.
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Unit 3: Lying down

Asanas starting with shava asana 19 min

These asanas are performed lying down, with shava asana as the anchor asana around which the other movements are built.
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Unit 4: Further Practice

More Asanas 25 min

These are a bunch of different kinds of asanas and kriyas that can be tried after mastering the practices demonstrated so far.
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